WELCOME to Multi-Pro-Assist

We are a group, formed by friendship, values, integrity, caring and life! 

Our motto's are:Live Life To The Full NEVER STOP DREAMINGTake Care of Yourself - Matthew 19:26

MPA was started by Sonja de Fries in 2013 and since then have expanded to a wider variety of services.  

 Cathy van der Westhuizen, Lana Westenberg & Elizabeth Naude has joined MPA in 2017 as associates and we are here to assist you. Keep an eye on us, as more ladies & gents will be joining us as we go along.  

Quality & Service is an inherent part of every single activity that we do within our organizations. Our elaborate system for networking-management style ensures a high level of quality in all stages benefitting our clients, who get nothing but the very best service & products that far exceed their expectations. 

We are  a team of qualified & dedicated professionals, dedicated to you, the client.